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We hope you gain some insights using our Lost Revenue Calculator. We are allowing friends of Velocify (that's you) to use this great little assessment tool for free! Simply follow the four easy steps and complete the short survey below and you will instantly be sent a report outlining how much revenue you are 'leaving on the table' and where in the Enrollment Management process this leakage is taking place.

Remember, Enrollment Management is a process and processes can easily be tested and improved, resulting in increased revenue for your school. This Lost Revenue Calculator will tell you exactly where you can test for improvements and how much revenue you can stand to gain by making some tiny changes to how you presently do things.

Feel free to use the assessment tool multiple times to test different scenarios. Enjoy the Lost Revenue Calculator. An administrative detail before you begin: It's important for you to know that we will never share your data with anyone - including Velocify - without your consent. The report you receive will be detailed in nature and very useful, often folks want a short session to help them interpret results. We'll be happy to make that arrangement. If we dont reach out, simply contact us and we'll make arrangements for a short meeting by phone.

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Enrollment Resources has provided us with a lot of great ideas. They are one of the top innovators in the industry and I would recommend them to any educational institution who wants to increase enrollments and retention.

Tom King - Director of Enrollment Management, Ohio Technical College